Just yesterday, my HTC EVO began going through all sorts of bugs and problems. It'd probably be easier to just list them off.
  • Whenever using internet, any page other than google will say the security certificate is invalid multiple multiple times. Won't stop until canceled a few times.
  • On youtube, it always claims a network error, though if I were to search videos I could find and view them. The main page and related won't work. Same for the Google Play.
  • When texting, I can indeed send texts. I just can't see what I send after it's sent. Kind of annoying.
  • I changed the battery and my clock's time completely shifted. Insignificant, but I'm bringing everything up.
  • Internet history is not staying recorded and deleting itself.

I've already tried clearing my cache for the internet, though nothing seems to be working. At all. It's all become extremely annoying, and I've not seen a person with all these problems.

I can't place what's going on, and while they're mostly small things, they're all very, very, very obnoxious. Any help would be so appreciated!