Here's the basics and advanced solutions for low disk space warning on your evo 4g. Please note due to gingerbread issues I am still running froyo.
Many of you have already moved your apps to SD card, if not get a free app which will do so and install it. If you have no room get it as soon as you do and make a habit of doing this everytime you download an app.
Heres how to do it on your phone. From the home page hit the menu button, settings,applications, manage applications. Select each listed application with a short tap. Click on the move to card option if availiable. For ADVANCED also access this area, do the same but hit clear data DO NOT DO THIS FOR HTC related items. Clear cache next. Uninstall anything that u do not have on your phone anymore. When done go to running tab at top to see what is running. Hit menu and sort by size. Start at top and see what is using excessive memory. If Android is listed at top, you may have something that is not opening correctly. Check for shortcuts that say cannot access and delete these by long press and drag to remove. Save new scene at home, menu, scenes. All else fails delete telnav gps and choose not to upgrade from old gps. Reboot phone and get familiar with what should be running or not. Feel free to add anyhing I overlooked before. Send thank you cards to Clint Richarson HERNDON,VA 20172-1252 USA.